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Now, let’s get to know us

‘All children are treated like Gems’.


At Little Gems Child Care we understand the importance and necessity of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment. Well, this why Little Gems Child Care, is the perfect place for your child to attend. We grant what is important when looking for a supportive environment for your child. This includes a welcoming environment, with warm and friendly staff, high-quality furniture and resources, and of course an educational program that meets to each child’s needs and strengths.

We understand that it is a difficult time, selecting a perfect Child Care for you and your child. However, the enrolment process is easy and we are here to guide you with every step of the way! Our main goal is to ensure that once you leave the premises you are content that your child is safe and happy, with your mind at ease.

The perfect blend towards quality care and education is creating a home environment for the children, and providing outstanding experiences, where children are challenged to their full potential, enhancing their development as they grow.

As we all know children grow rapidly. Each day is a stepping is stone, in which they grow to the top of the ladder and exceed themselves. As a result, we engage children in educational activities that nourish their thirst for knowledge.

Children’s needs are at the heart of the centre, and are implemented in everything that we do, to create the perfect learning environment for you and your child.


On a final note, primarily it is our objective to inspire and influence families to feel welcomed into the centre. The love of learning is important to educators, and we wish to embed this learning into the children, to increase their motivation towards learning helping them to be lifelong learners.





At Little Gems it is essential that all your child’s belongings are clearly labeled to prevent items from being lost and misplaced.


– Hat: Little Gems provides a hat at the commencement of your time at the centre for the cost of $10.

– Change of clothes: At least two changes of clothes for your child, being aware of summer and winter clothes. Please also include socks, and shoes. Please dress your child in closed toe shoes.

– Lunch: Children need to bring their own lunch. Little Gems has a policy banned of eggs and nut products. Parents are encouraged to bring in a healthy lunch for the children. Some suggestions may include sandwiches and hot foods such as spaghetti, rice, cultural foods, etc.

– Sheets: Rest time requires a fitted sheet, a top sheet (or blanket for the colder weather), and a pillow if you wish. All items need to be labeled individually placed into a pillow case or sheet bag.

– Water bottles: Children need a water bottle so they can have full access to water whenever they need a drink.





‘We appreciate and acknowledge each families diverse culture’.


– At Little Gems, families are our key partners and our essential goal is to provide support to families to identify each child’s learning and development.


– We embrace and acknowledge different cultures in the centre and implement spontaneous and planned experiences to recognise different cultures. We encourage parent input to explore opportunities with families and to integrate language, dancing and cultural traditions in our centre. This is offered through the program to ensure all children interact and engage with these materials to enhance their understanding about diversity in society and in the centre.


At Little Gems Child Care we recognise each family’s individual circumstances and based on your income, you may be entitled to funding from the government for your child at centre





Little Gems Child Care holds motivated and committed educators. Educators have a duty of care for the children, and support the children in every aspect of the day, as they are our main concern. Educators at the Centre are qualified and hold Senior First Aid and Asthma and Anaphylactic certificates. Educators engage in ongoing training through staff development and training courses. Educators also keep up to date on early childhood practices by attending regular in-service workshops in all areas of child development and the child care industry throughout the year. Similarly, to providing a nourishing environment, Little Gems Child Care also provides a stimulating environment where educators love, protect, care and support the children. We believe that educators are the key to producing a positive early learning environment in which the children feel safe in. Educators are obligated by their employment agreement to maintain the confidentiality of all families using the centre. Educators are aware of their roles and responsibilities through detailed job descriptions.


At Little Gems Child Care we currently hold four full-time and one part-time educator. These include:


– 1 Director (Associate Diploma in Child Care Studies ) /full time

– 1 Child Care Educator (Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood) /Part time

– 1 Child Care Educator (Diploma) /Full-time

– 1 trainee (Working towards certificate III) /Full time

– 1 trainee (Working towards diploma)/ Full-time



Early learning

“At Little Gems Child Care we give your child the motivation to get the best start in learning”.

The learning opportunities provided give a great deal of benefit to your child. In our curriculum play-based learning is at the heart of the program and engages children in activities where they can demonstrate a sense of learning, creativity, imagination and commitment.
The routine at Little Gems Childcare is flexible and fun-filled to ensure that every part of the day is educational benefiting children in a supportive learning environment. Within the curriculum the children embrace exercises (music and movement), language and literature, and numeracy meeting to all the diverse interest and learners. It is vital to provide a range of educational choices to the children to enable them to reach their full potential.

Meal Times
Morning tea is served at 9.00 am and consists of a wide selection of seasonal fresh fruits and juices, toast, crackers, dried fruits, etc. Lunch is served at 11.30 am and parents are required to provide a healthy lunch and drink. Information on dietary requirements for children is available from staff. Afternoon tea is at 2.45 pm and can consist of yoghurt, fruit, cheese and other nutritional snacks, followed by water. Late tea is served at 5.15 pm and consists of toasted bread with spread, crackers, cheese, fruit juice, ice melts and fruits, followed by milk. All uneaten food is sent home in lunch boxes so that parents are aware of what their child has eaten.


Sleep and Rest Time
Play and learning are exhausting processes for children. Sleep and rest time therefore, needs to be an opportunity for them to recharge so that they may begin new adventures. We believe that children who do not sleep still need to have a rest to recuperate from the mornings’ activities. After that time, quiet activities are arranged.


Group Times
Group time is an important component of the daily programme, incorporating structured educational lessons. At Little Gems we believe that each child learns through connection with family and home. We aim to encourage and support this through learning by indentifying their interests.


There are 3 groups: 18 months-3 year old group, a 3-4 year old group and a 4-5 year old preschool group which incorporates school readiness skills and abilities. Music and Movement allows the children to have a physical experience while also developing skills such as balance, co-ordination, strength and the enjoyment of music. Language and Literature allows the children to further explore interests within a group and learn simple concepts such as increasing their attention span, vocabulary, listening and responding to questions, participating in a group environment and building their confidence.


The Preschool Group incorporates school readiness concepts such as recognizing, naming and sounding out each letter of the alphabet, recognizing numbers, simple mathematical skills, self help skills, developing confidence, simple writing and getting ready for school. Each week the children will be receiving home work to be completed for the following week.


Family Grouping

This means that the children are not separated according to age during free play. The children interact all together and share meals and rest times. This encourages responsibility and care for others in the older children, and enables the younger children to learn from playing with and imitating the older children. It also assists with separation anxiety when we have siblings, friends and cousins all playing with each other. 

At Little Gems Child Care, we promote a healthy lifestyle by emphasising the importance of good nutrition and health. We believe that positive early learning is dependent on stimulating a positive environment of health, as children learn confidently in a nourishing environment.