At Little Gems it is essential that all your child’s belongings are clearly labeled to prevent items from being lost and misplaced.


– Hat: Children need a hate for all year round for outdoor play

– Change of clothes: At least two changes of clothes for your child, being aware of summer and winter clothes. Please also include socks, and shoes. Please dress your child in closed toe shoes.

– Lunch: Children need to bring their own lunch. Little Gems has a policy banned of eggs and nut products. Parents are encouraged to bring in a healthy lunch for the children. Some suggestions may include sandwiches and hot foods such as spaghetti, rice, cultural foods, etc

– Sheets: Rest time requires a fitted sheet, a top sheet (or blanket for the colder weather), and a pillow if you wish. All items need to be labeled individually placed into a pillow case or sheet bag.




The programme is developmentally appropriate to all the children’s age groups and caters for individual children’s needs, interests and strengths. The programme is based on family grouping and directed free play with opportunities for choice. Experiences are planned by staff based on children’s interests, ongoing observations, developmental records, parent input and staff knowledge of child development. Staff value and include parents’ contributions and participation in the programme.


A Daily Diary is written up each day and emailed to parent’s daily, allowing parents to read what their child was interested in and what has been happening throughout the day. Our programme also includes a weekend chart whereby parents are able to write down anything that they may have done or experienced with their children and then share it with all their friends and teachers.