Little Gems Child Care Centre Philosophy


At Little Gems Childcare Centre we aim to provide the highest level of care and education for your child in a warm, nurturing and safe environment.


We recognize the value of play on development at Little Gems. We understand and believe that each child is unique and important and therefore tailor a program to meet each child’s individual needs.
The Centre provides an enriched program to assist in the development your child. Our program is designed to help your child in developing all areas for success and lifelong learning.  We aim to cater to your child’s past and present interests and reflect upon their cultural backgrounds and cultures.


We aim for children to develop a sense of belonging, and identity at the centre, where they demonstrate confidence, imagination, independence, cooperation, curiosity, and respect for the environment and learn to their full potential both emotionally and physically.
Little Gems Child Care Centre endeavours to create a "family-like" atmosphere and recognise the importance of creating a link between home and the Centre, where both parents and educators work in partnership to develop the child as a whole in a mutually supportive and caring environment.

Children and parents are welcomed into the Centre regardless of culture, religious and family beliefs and our educators are sensitive to and respectful of these practices. Our program reflects the full appreciation of Australia’s multicultural society, enhancing the children’s awareness of, and respect for, cultural differences and similarities. We also implement experiences regarding events and celebrations in our centre, being respect of all cultural backgrounds and beliefs.


At Little Gems Childcare we promote the health and wellbeing of children, by teaching the children about everyday health practices to ensure the children develop an understanding about staying healthy. We encourage being physical at the centre encouraging children to learn to be active learners, through music and movement, and outdoor play.


We believe in maintaining the highest safety and hygiene standards both indoors and outdoors. This enables the children to explore the environment safely and confidently. Little Gems provides a natural and environmentally friendly atmosphere, enhancing the children’s respect for the environment, and learning in an ecological space.



“Where all children are treated like Gems” – Germaine Nehme